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Star Wars Cosmic Darth Vader 46" X 60" Super Soft Throw

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Movie Night on the Death StarWell, it's movie night on the Death Star


All those security patrols

Alright! That's speaking our language

Darth Vader himself

Have you ever looked at your step count at the end of the day It take some serious miles to traverse the halls of a massive space station!So, yeah, we think it's a pretty swell idea to watch some EmpireFlix at the end of your day

It's tough work being a Stormtrooper stationed on the Death Star

So, wrapping up in this blanket will be a welcome change of pace for a diligent Death Star Devotee such as yourself! Heck, nbsp even if you're not stationed on the Death Star, we're sure you could appreciate this soft blanket at any other locale, too!Fun DetailsStar Wars officially licensed, this blanket measure about 46 inches by 60 inches, and is made with super soft polyester fleece

The front side features a full graphic print of the man with a plan, Mr

There's also a collage background behind him, with the Death Star, Star Destroyers, TIE fighters, and AT-AT walker all featured.

With this Star Wars Cosmic Darth Vader Soft Throw!It' sure to be just the right amount of soft and cozy in what is definitely a cold and sterile environment on the Death Star

Your Stormtrooper quarters might be pretty spartan, but we're sure you can find a little bit of comfort at the end of your day when you're watching your favorite shows produced by Dark Side TV